How to cook fruit apricot kernel

Today is an introduction of fruit apricot jelly which is perfect for summer!


・ Powder agar 2g

・ Water 150g

◾️ milk 150 g

◾️Sugar 20g

◾️Apricot frost 1 tablespoon

(Or a few drops of almond essence)

・ 1 can of fruit

How to cook

1. Put the powdered agar and water in a pan and bring to a boil while stirring constantly.

When boiling, set low heat and heat for about 2 minutes to completely dissolve the agar.

2. Add the ingredients of ■ to 1 and stir.

Add milk after warming it to human skin.

(If the milk is cold, the agar will harden.)

Heat over low heat, constantly mixing gently.

3. Gently pour into a small pad and cool in a refrigerator for about 5 hours.

4. Make a cut in the shape of a diamond and take it out.

5. Finally finished with canned fruit.

* How to return the wolfberry *

6 wolfberry seeds

Sugar 2g

Water 10g

Put sugar and water in a container and mix well.

Put the wolfberry and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to complete

Difference between agar and gelatin

Agar that hardens at room temperature, gelatin that melts at room temperature

Agar is made from seaweed such as Tengusa and Ogonori.

On the other hand, gelatin is mainly composed of proteins extracted from collagen such as skin and bones and tendons of cows and pigs, not seaweed.

Also, while agar hardens at room temperature, gelatin dissolves at room temperature.

Jelly using gelatin will not solidify unless it is stored in the refrigerator.

Jelly using gelatin melts out at room temperature, so if you leave it in the room, the shape of the jelly will collapse.

Especially in summer, it is better to put it out just before eating.

Tips for Agar

It is important to add sugar only after the agar is sufficiently heated and completely melted.

It is hard to know whether powdered agar is melted or not than stick agar.

When adding juice to agar, timing is important.

Do not add the juice when the agar and sugar liquid are hot, and add the juice after the crude heat is removed.

For milk cans, it is advisable to add up to 50% of the milk to maintain the jelly strength.

Tips for Gelatin

When making jelly with gelatin, fruits containing “proteolytic enzymes”, such as raw pineapple and kiwifruit, do not solidify when added to the jelly solution.

For this reason, fruits containing “proteolytic enzymes” (pineapple, kiwifruit, melon, fig, mango, etc.) should be used in canned or heated juice to deactivate the enzymes before adding them to the jelly solution.

What is Agar?

Agar is an ingredient derived from seaweed called carrageenan,

Locust bean gum is a gelling agent made from ingredients extracted from leguminous plants.

It is more transparent than agar and gives a smooth texture.

Mix well with the sugar in advance and add to the hot water,

Prevent from getting lumped.

Agar (carrageenan) does not sell in supermarkets,

It is more convenient to use agar or gelatin.

How was it?

Please cook handmade apricot tofu in the hot summer of the future!

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