How to cook Tantan noodles with Amazake and soybean meat

Recently, there are many amazake dishes, but this time I tried making tintin noodles using amazake. Soy meat without using meat.

I want to know a recipe using Amazake
I’m tired of drinking amazake
I want to cook without using sugar

This is a recommended recipe for such a person.

I am also interested in amazake, so I always learn and amazeke.


  • Chinese noodles (boiled) for one person (about 80g)
    Soy meat (dry) 80g
    1/2 sprouts sprouts
    1/4 bundle of chive
    1/2 green onion
    Ginger 1/2 small
    1/2 tablespoon sweet bean soup
    Bean soy sauce 1 4 tsp
    Sesame oil 1 tsp
    Water 100ml
    Amazake 200ml
    1 4 teaspoon salt
    Chicken consommone (liquid)  10g
    White sesame seeds (1 tablespoon)

How to cook

1) Soak the soybean meat (dry) in hot water at about 80 ° C for about 5 minutes. After soaking, drain the water.

2) Mince the ginger. Mince the green onions (about 1/8).

3) Cut the chive into 5cm length. Cut green onions (about 1/4) into oblique slices. Sesame.

4) Add sesame oil to frying pan, add ginger and green onions. When the aroma comes out, add soy meat and fry a little, add bean soy sauce and bean soy sauce and fry. Fry quickly and set aside.

5) Put water, amazake, salt, chicken consommé and 3) white sesame seeds in a pan and heat.

6) After boiling, add sprouts and boil for about 2 minutes. Add the leek, sliced green onions and Chinese noodles and bring to a boil. Put the meat miso made in 4) on top.

That is all!


If you don’t have chicken consommé liquid, you can use granules. In that case, please add about 1/2 teaspoon.

I used the organic food that I bought at an organic shop without chemical seasonings.

The way to treat soybean meat is described on the back of each product, so please follow them.

In the case of minced pork, it is necessary to heat it firmly in order to pass the fire, but soy meat can be eaten even after returning it with water, so it is OK just to fry quickly. Not only does AGE not increase, it also reduces cooking time

Honestly, it’s really delicious. A soy meat that is so juicy that you think “is it meat?” It seems to be more addicted to amazake and soy meat than before.

For Chinese noodles, either dry noodles or raw noodles are OK. Please use what you like.

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