How to cook thick grilled eggs (Atsuyaki Tamago)

This is a common egg-dish for lunch box in Japan.


Eggs (M) 2 pieces (100g)
Salad oil 1 tsp
Sugar 1/2 tbsp
Soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon

* You can make 4 to 5 fried eggs in the lunch box.

How to cook

1. Break the eggs into a bowl.
* Be careful not to get the eggshell inside.

Divide by the edge of the bowl or the corner of the table,

It will contain the fine shell of the egg.

If you hit the egg on a place with a flat bottom, the shell will break better.

2. Add sugar and soy sauce and dissolve.
* Mix so that the bottom of the bowl and the tip of the reef are not separated, so as not to foam.
(If mixed vigorously, air will enter. If air enters, stiffness will disappear and the finish will be hard.)
Mix well so that the soy sauce and sugar remain undissolved.

3. Add oil to egg fryer, heat, and add 1/3 of egg solution.
The part where the bubble has risen and the bubble has risen, poke it with a blow and crush the bubble,
Make sure the fire is even.

4. wind from back to front.

5. After finishing the winding, slide the eggs back and move them, and quickly re-grease the empty space in front.

* It is good to prepare kitchen paper to replenish oil during baking.
When you continue baking, if you have kitchen paper soaked with oil, you can quickly pull an appropriate amount of oil.
Then pour in half of the remaining egg fluid.

6. wind it from the back to the front.

(It seems that some restaurants in Kyoto roll from the front to the back …!)

7. Pour in all remaining egg fluid and roll the third time as well as the second time.

The end of the eighth and third winding. done.

By the way, this time it was seasoned with sugar and soy sauce,
It can be delicious even with amazake.

In the case of amazake, 1 tablespoon amazake is just right for 2 eggs (M).

If you do not have an egg fryer, please buy it.

The more you practice, the better!

If you have difficulty, you may use a spatula at first.
At first, chopsticks were too difficult and I used fly-back.

But after doing it several times, it became easier to use with chopsticks.

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