How to make amazake coffee jelly [Vietnamese style]

This time, I cooked a coffee jelly using amazake. I usually make coffee jelly, but I tried to make a syrup from above using Amazake and condensed milk in a Vietnamese style.

It goes well with bitter coffee, so if you like amazake, please make it.

(amazake is Japanese sweet sake)

Ingredients for 2 people

◆ Water 50ml

◆ gelatin powder ◆ 5g

Water 200ml

Instant coffee 強 1 tablespoon

Amazake 3 to 4 tablespoons

Condensed milk 2 tsp

How to cook

1) Sprinkle powdered gelatin into water and soften.

2) Fill the pot with water and heat over the heat. When boiling, add instant coffee, gelatinized with 1) and mix thoroughly.

3) Put 2) in the vat and cool in the refrigerator until it hardens. (About 2-3 hours)

4) Mix amazake and condensed milk.

5) Serve the coffee jelly in a container, and apply 4) from above. Decorated with mint leaves and completed.


◆ If you put water in gelatin, it will not work, so if you put gelatin in water, it will melt well.

◆ If you want more sweetness, please increase the amount of condensed milk. It tastes like Vietnamese coffee.

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