How to make matcha ice [just mix! Easy recipe]

Here are some recipes for dark green tea ice cream for those who love matcha.

An ice cream recipe for matcha lovers that uses plenty of matcha.

The recipe is very easy. Just mix the ingredients and cool, so if you like matcha, please cook this.


・ 3 yolks

・ Granulated sugar 80g

・ Matcha 20g

・ Fresh cream 250ml

Before making

Let the eggs return to room temperature.

Matcha is sifted in advance.

How to cook

1) Put egg yolk and granulated sugar in a bowl and mix well (use a hand mixer to speed up). It’s OK if it’s loose and falls down like a ribbon.

2) Put the sifted matcha in another bowl. Add the whipped cream little by little and mix to avoid lumps. It is advisable to mix lightly with air. It is OK if it gets too heavy.

3) Add 2 to 1 and mix well with a whisk, then pour into the container. Completed after cooling in the freezer for 4-5 hours.


For this matcha, I used the cheapest one sold at a supermarket this time

When it comes to making sweets, cheaper matcha can be bitter even for the same amount.

However, the matcha used in this recipe is the cheapest one sold at supermarkets, so I don’t think it is necessary to change the number of grams in the recipe.

If you’ve ever made ice cream, you may know, but when you make ice cream by hand, you often whip fresh cream firmly.

However, like this matcha ice cream, the matcha in the whipped cream will quickly become heavy, so you don’t need to whipped the whipped cream in advance.

Why is matcha expensive?

Matcha is very expensive compared to ordinary tea. . I guess it’s about twice as much.

I personally think that the reason for the high price is because it takes time to grow.

How can tea leaves that become matcha be grown?

First, cover the tea leaves while adjusting the sunlight, and cultivate them carefully.

And only the thin, high-quality tea leaves that have just been grown are picked, and this is the raw material for matcha.

By the way, This is not matcha so far.

If this is further steamed and dried, the tea with a delicate and full-bodied aroma called “Tencha” is created.

After removing the veins and the like and pulling the soft mill (thin leaf) millstone, matcha is completed.

I’ve always been introducing healthy recipes, but today I’ve just introduced you to how to make dark green tea ice cream with a little bit of relaxation.

If you like Matcha, please make it.

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